February 11th, 2011

Tyra Banks Attending Harvard Business School

(The Cut) Tyra Banks is enrolled at THE most fashionable business school — Harvard! HBS students have seen a woman “who looks just like Tyra Banks” in campus dining halls, a source tells us; meanwhile, Tyra has been tweeting photos of herself wearing an HBS sweatshirt and with some dudes who seem to be her HBS classmates. “Enriching my mind with these amazing buddies! They are sooooo intelligent! Geniuses!!!” she tweeted. Banks is enrolled in one of the school’s Executive Education programs, which is not the full two-year, soul-sucking, scary-competitive MBA program, but courses consisting of roughly a couple weeks and costing a lot of money, naturally. Banks is in the two-week owner/president/management program, tuition for which is $31,000.

The Boston Herald seems just thrilled with having Tyra in town, eating their seafood, drinking their cocktails, going around town with her boyfriend. Because finally Gisele is no longer their only very famous sometime woman resident! And the enrollment was a long time coming for Tyra, who famously wore a Harvard sweatshirt in that Harper’s Bazaar spread from a while back in which she pretended to be Michelle Obama. “There were some people from Harvard who couldn’t believe we put a Harvard sweatshirt on Tyra and thought it was outrageous,” Bazaar editor Laura Brown said at the time. And now that she’s done it of her own accord it makes neither that photo shoot nor her real-life sweatshirt-wearing any less outrageous.

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