February 3rd, 2010

Underground Fashion on The Rise

It seems like everyday I meet another person who is trying to break into the fashion industry. Whether they are a model, designer, journalist, publicist or a stylist, they may all have similar perceptions and views of the world of fashion.

Most people see the few positions available to them in this industry as highly coveted. Everyone wants a spot, but there isn’t enough room for all of the fashion creatives that exist. As in many other industries, the new generation of fashion-minded people has decided to turn the peelings-from-the-lemons life handed them into a new fashion accessory.

Rather than battling for a position at Conde Nast, they create their own blogs or online magazines. Instead of trying to knock down the doors of Marc Jacobs or Prada for a position, they began sketching and sewing the designs for their own collections. Feeling like they may never have the opportunity to style the hottest celebrities or personalities, they have started their own styling or consulting companies.

I think many people who have chosen alternatives to the “typical fashion career routes” have made wise decisions. They view having their name attached to their products or services superior to that of having ELLE, GQ or a luxury brand on their resumes.

I had the privilege of attending the “Fashion Goes Social” event hosted by No, I don’t work in fashion and I’m not a social diva, but the integration of social media into the fashion industry attracted me to this event. I’m always interested in views and opinions regarding social media usage in various sectors, so the more knowledge I obtain – the better.

One of the panelists said, “The age of the big brands dominating the scene is over.” While there may be some truth in her statement, I think the big brands are still sitting at the top. On the other hand, I do believe there is an emerging scene of designers that are fighting everyday to pull them down off of their high horses.

The same panelist said that new designers should focus on building their brand identity rather than solely focusing on their publicity. She pretty much meant that focusing on the amount of people that know about you and your brand is no more important than developing and creating the significance of your line.

In addition to creating your designs, emphasis should be placed on making sure your design concepts are translated to your audience. She said, “There is no need for another jersey dress or sweater.” “People are looking for a change; they want something unique and different, what Lady Gaga is to the music scene,” she said.

Honestly, anyone who says the opportunities aren’t present has not tried to create their own. When opportunity doesn’t knock, open the door anyway. No one can stop you from attaining your dreams but you.

About the Author

Ronn Richardson
Ronn Richardson is a young PR professional from NYC who is determined to learn as much as he can despite any barriers that try to hinder him. Eager to see a change in the types of online publications that college students, young professionals and new-school entrepreneurs visit, he conceived Socialtik Mag.



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  1. I agree with you…as a model for NY Model Management Inc I have seen many people try to break into this industry. I’ve always had a passion for clothing and looking good and helping others. Which is why I created my own style consultation firm, The House of Sitting, to help give the many talented designers and stylists a voice in a very crowded field.

    Having said that, the “Industry” frowns upon those that watch Project Runway, Make Me A Supermodel, ANTM et al and think “I can do that and better”. Many people try to make their way in this industry without really knowing just how demanding it can be. So you have all these fly by night designers photographers models etc who fall by the way side. And unfortunately there is no waste management to come clear the path for the real deal.

  2. Excellent! I’m no “fashionista” or “social diva” either but it kills me that so many others think they are! I agree, new coming designers should focus on the unique qualities of their brand and not so much who knows about it. I’m waiting for someone to come out with a eclectic sense of style-brand for the “frugalistas” like me who don’t believe in trends.

  3. I am waiting for a up-and-coming designer to come out with an eclectic sense of style-brand that caters to the “frugalistas” like me. I’m not about to spend thousands of dollars just to wear what everyone else already has. So I agree, establish your brand identity then go for the numbers. Oh wow I sound like i’m in PR lol…excellent article!

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