January 26th, 2011

Vintage ME

Black and White…

What do you think of when you hear those words? They are classic, vintage and overtly straightforward, but I have always been an avid believer that one should perpetually opt to LIVE LIFE in COLOR.

Nevertheless, there is something so simple about black and white. Is it the fact that it leaves no room for error? Or is it that its lines are distinct and precisely planned?
Why is it that the human experience consists of perfected practices which so often become humdrum routines day in and day out?

Moreover, why is it so hard for us to bounce back mentally if these habits are interrupted in any way, shape or form? We must learn that true happiness is to live in the moment. Knowing and accepting this is the only way to achieve the inner peace that we all so desperately seek.

I encourage you to Dare to Dream in COLOR. This action alone will open up a whole new world of space and opportunity undreamed of. Remember that imperfection and flaws aid in making us who we are.

It’s perfectly fine to create new lines. The canvas is yours and positioned solely for your expression. Stop playing it safe… LIVE, LIFE, OWT LOUD!

Though there is something about black and white that draws me… color is so much more FUN. When you live in color the possibilities are ENDLESS.

About the Author

Danni Myers
Danni Myers is a native of Hartford, Connecticut. She has worked in both the political and non- profit arenas. Currently,she is the Promotions Director for a Nationally Syndicated Morning Show. Her writing is based on constant reflection of life, purpose, dreams, self worth and the constant pursuit of success and inner PEACE.



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  8. I believe we should live life in colour. There is something about life that just demands colour. Each one of us has been blessed with the gift of life. It is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. So make the most of what you have and live life loud.

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