November 3rd, 2010

What’s Cookin? Sweet Treats For Your Pooch

He was never a great cook, but has always been a dog person and finds dogs are very forgiving when it comes to making food for them.

The Doggy Dessert Chef  also finds it very satisfying to know that he can help bring some joy into the lives of his dogs and others by providing quick and easy recipes for healthy treats. People that love their dogs want them to have the best and he feels good knowing that he’s helping them do just that.

What sets you apart from other culinary professionals?

My goal in life is to keep it simple. Everyone is so busy it’s hard to take the time to find special ingredients or make complex recipes. My goal is to develop something quick and easy to make that’s incredibly tasty, and oh yeah, all my cooking and baking is for dogs.

Please explain your area(s) of expertise in the kitchen? How did you develop this passion?

All of my recipes are for dog treats and biscuits, they use easy to find ingredients and can usually be made in less than and hour. Like it did for a lot of people the dog treat recall really hit home for me. I was very fortunate that it didn’t directly impact me but the stores of those that lost pets affected me deeply. I started researching commercial dog treats and I was surprised that I wasn’t feeding my dogs what I thought I was. I decided to start cooking and baking for them and found out how easy it was and how much better I felt knowing exactly what they were eating. After people showed an interest in my treats and recipes I started my site.

If you had to compare yourself to a dish, with both ingredients and presentation considered, what dish would you be? Why?

I’m sure this is common but I’d have to say pizza. I can be colorful or plain, gourmet or simple. I’m easy to deal with and always welcome at a party!

With the holidays approaching, what is your favorite doggy dish?

Anything with ham in it. For some reason you have to wait until the holidays for the best honey hams to make an appearance, but once it’s here it’s time for some fat doggies.

Since dogs can’t speak, how do you perfect doggy desired treats to K-9 companions?

I first make sure that I’m not using any ingredients that are considered dangerous to a dogs health, then I start to think about what I eat and what my dogs show an interest in. This has lead me to make recipes like lemon chicken biscuits, carrot cake treats and zucchini bread biscuits. For most dogs, bacon, chicken and peanut butter are favorites so any combination of those is usually an instant hit as well.

Where do you see yourself and business in the next five years? How do you plan to attain that goal?

I’m currently working on a couple recipe books and I plan on expanding my site into more of a destination as opposed to a blog.

To visit  Doggy Dessert Chef ‘s Web site, click here

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